This is the exact course I teach to lawyers, law students, and others who take my classes at law schools around the world. It is the only course in the world that focuses solely on the issues relevant to obtaining legal rights for nonhuman animals through the courts.

You need not be a lawyer or law student to take the course. Anyone can take it and come away with a new complex understanding of how best to protect the interests of nonhuman animals through legal rights and what the future of civil rights for nonhuman animals will look like.

In this course we will learn what legal rights are, where they come from, how they can be enforced, why some humans once did not have them and how they came to possess them, and what the major arguments are for and against recognizing the legal rights of nonhuman animals today.

We will study the strategy and litigation of the Nonhuman Rights Project to obtain legal rights for nonhuman animals in the United States and discuss what values and principles cause some judges to be sympathetic to their arguments, while others are hostile or indifferent.  We will also study civil rights litigation brought on behalf of nonhuman animals outside the United States, including cases brought in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, India, Israel, and Pakistan.